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Property and Inland Marine Brokerage

Genesee Special Brokerage represents a vast array of Specialty Insurance Carriers with an appetite
for catastrophic and non-catastrophic exposures for COASTAL and INLAND risks.

In addition to our domestic market representation, we also have excellent International relationships with London and Bermuda.

Placement structure includes:

• Primary
• Excess
• Quota Share
• Wind Deductible Buy Back
• Individual Perils for Wind, Flood or Earthquake
• Builders Risk
• Mono-Line Wind
• Mono-Line Quake
• Mono-Line Flood

The following is a representative sample of risks that we typically service:

• Apartments 
• Assisted Living Facilities     
• Chemical Processing           
• Commercial Property Managers    
• Condominiums        
• Contractors Equipment       
• Country Clubs          
• Equipment Dealers 
• Grocery Stores        
• Hospitals     
• Hotels          
• Installation Floaters
• Municipalities         
• Nursing Homes       
• Office Buildings      
• Petroleum Marketers         
• Plastics Manufacturing       
• Restaurants 
• Retail Centers         
• Schools        
• Shopping Centers    
• Vacant Property      
• Warehousing           
• Wood Processing             

And Many More....

Genesee Special Brokerage
Name Direct # Ext. eMail Address 
David Palmer 678-802-4034 x134
Chris Moore - Brokerage Dir 678-802-4038 x141
Cheryl Carr 954-298-1930
Drew Davis 678-578-6504 x148
Marisa Skolky 678-578-6566 x166
Teresa A Cowper 678-802-4039 x143
Account Executive/Client Services/Assistant Account Executive
Sara Wooten - AE 678-578-6516 x108
Debbie Mervis - CS 678-802-4036 x103
William Weston - AE 678-802-4016 x132
Daniel Grant 678-578-6521 x158

Name Direct # Ext. eMail Address 
VP of Marketing
Amy Salter 678-802-4029 x122
Marketing Representatives
Brenda McNeill 678-578-6502 x145
Pam Shealy 678-802-4013 x117
Laurie Sisk 678-802-4010 x146

Name Direct # Ext. eMail Address 
Andy Palace, CFO 678-578-6572 x172

Insurance Payment Company
Name Direct # Ext. eMail Address 
VP/General Manager
Robin Smith 678-578-6503 x147
Courtney Dieterle 678-578-6519 x168
Check By Phone Payment Line 800-409-6344    

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